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No Buy January

"No Buy" January You have all heard of "Dry January" but how many of you have heard of "No Buy January"? I have attempted the no drinking dry part but only managed week days, oops! well that is what happens with friends' birthdays in January. However I have gone clothes sober for January which means I didn't buy anything new for the whole month. Now February is here it has got me thinking about how much shopping we all do and whether we actually need to buy so much. With sustainability and recycling this is something that should be very
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Welcome to “My Fabulous 50’s”

Welcome to …..“My Fabulous 50’s” I turned 50 in 2017 and have spent the last year really thinking about what it means to me to be 50! I decided to rather than dread it I was going to embrace it and everything it throws my way. I wanted to create this blog as a place to be able to share stories, experiences and some funny moments about being in your 50’s, a space to celebrate, support and learn from each other. I will be sharing my top tips and inspiration on how to be stylish in your 50’s, what to
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