"No Buy" January

You have all heard of "Dry January" but how many of you have heard of "No Buy January"?

I have attempted the no drinking dry part but only managed week days, oops! well that is what happens with friends' birthdays in January. However I have gone clothes sober for January which means I didn't buy anything new for the whole month.

Now February is here it has got me thinking about how much shopping we all do and whether we actually need to buy so much. With sustainability and recycling this is something that should be very firmly in our minds at the moment.

One of the key things I have realised as I have got older is that quality not quantity is what matters most. We do not need a wardrobe full of things we hardly wear, it is much better to build your wardrobe from some good quality basics.

So how about next time you are out shopping, before you open your purse why not ask yourself...

  1. How many times will I wear this?
  2. Do I absolutely love it?
  3. Do I need it?
  4. Does it really suit me?
  5. Does it go with anything I already have at home?
  6. Do I have something similar in my own wardrobe?

If you are unsure, take a little time, it is the start of the season so you have time to  plan what you want your spring wardrobe to look like. Planning in advance is one way to stop wasting money, maybe create a mood board for yourself. I use Pinterest for inspiration for myself and my clients. If you haven't used Pinterest take a look at my boards to see how easy it to create your own look books.

One of the things I do with my clients at the start of each season is to show them how to "shop in their own wardrobe first". There may well be some hidden gems that you have simply forgotten about. Or you already have a perfect Breton top and so you don't really need another one. Try things on, and check the fit you can make slight alterations by changing buttons, sleeve lengths etc to give new life to an old jacket for example. Perhaps there are few things that you can wear in a fresh way just by using different accessories.

Someone who has recently shown how to do this perfectly is the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is often seen wearing something more than once, but she knows what suits her and she sticks to it. Alexander McQueen is one of her favourites and she has worn this tartan coat dress on a number of occasions. 2012 at St Andrews simply with black boots and then adding a hat in 2014 for the Christmas service. Now this year by adding a new box style handbag and black shoes she is happy to wear the dress again.

Accessories are a cost effective way to freshen up your wardrobe. So my advice to you is check what you have at home and what you can update before hitting the shops

If you have any topics you would like me to cover please get in touch.

B x

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