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By Brigitte Ward Styling | April 8, 2019

Inspire…. This was my article in the Daily Mail a few weeks ago. I wanted to share it with you all..

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Bristol Fashion Week Festival

By Brigitte Ward Styling | March 16, 2019

Bristol Fashion Week is set to return in the first week of April, after a short break last year. This year it is going to be bigger and better than ever before. There will be

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Long Hair…Don’t Care

By Brigitte Ward Styling | February 21, 2019

Long Hair….Don’t Care

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No Buy January

By Brigitte Ward Styling | February 6, 2019

“No Buy” January You have all heard of “Dry January” but how many of you have heard of “No Buy January”? I have attempted the no drinking dry part but only managed week days, oops!

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"Well at 46 I am now shopping at Top Shop and have leopard print shoes and bag – who wants to be age appropriate in their 40’s! Thank you Brigitte for making clothes shopping such an enjoyable experience and making me get rid of all those things I haven’t seen worn for years. My husband is delighted that I have lots of different combinations of clothes to wear – he thinks it might have even saved some cash!"  


’Having lived with a limited, unfashionable wardrobe rather than endure a shopping trip with my huffing wife, what a pleasure to come home from my trip with Brigitte with fashionable clothes that I feel comfortable wearing and will actually wear. Good choices, good company and dare I say even fun!’’


"After my husband sadly passed away last year, I felt I had lost my confidence and all interest in the way I looked. A friend of mine gave me a gift voucher for a wardrobe consultation with Brigitte and I cannot thank her enough!. Brigitte sorted through my wardrobe and showed me how to wear things that I had forgotten about and created some new looks from items I already had but had never worn together. She also showed me how to get a few things altered to fit properly and took away things that were definitely not right for me anymore.

Brigitte made me a shopping list of a few things to complement what I already have, and I now have an organised wardrobe and the comfort in knowing that everything I wear makes me look and feel good. My confidence is returning and I have even enjoyed shopping again."


"If I am honest, I always thought that I had a reasonably good idea of what suited me and what I didn’t look good in. But like so many (I guess) I still had items in my wardrobe that I would take out – try on and put back on the hanger – year after year, after year! I knew they didn’t quite work but couldn’t really work out why.

That’s where Brigitte came in; with her intrinsic great sense of style and comprehensive professional training.

Within an instant she was able to tell me ‘why’ certain items didn’t work and what looked ‘best’ on me. Not in the way that shop assistants often do – “Ooh you look lovely in that” – when you know it’s hideous but in a very honest, no nonsense, kind way. So now when I go out I feel confident that I look the best I can, am buying the right clothes (and not wasting money on things that I only wear once) and (to my husband’s delight) am able to get dressed for evenings out quickly as I know what goes with what. Now onto the summer wardrobe ........ "